About Us




J. Rochelle Productions, LLC is an online music productions company that sells nonexclusive and exclusive hip hop and r&b music to artists all around the world. The company provides high quality music, original sounds, affordability and the instant delivery of music. Though the company specializes in hip hop, J. Rochelle Productions is highly diverse in creating any genre of music. J. Rochelle Productions was founded by its President Jeremy Rochelle in 2015 and is located in Baton Rouge, LA. The company encourages artists and fans to pursue their dreams by providing musical content that will help prompt their inner creativity. With a huge growth rate of independent artists, our mission is to push the motive to never give up and to always prevail when pursing your dreams as a musician. J. Rochelle Productions’ goal is to become the top music provider in the world by catering to independent artists, movies, commercials, etc when it comes to creating musical content.